Contrary to what many think, a big number of them can be shy about what they like, such as a nice prostate massage… You don’t need to be shy with London escorts when it comes to prostate massage – they’ll are always at your service. So tell them about all those nasty things you love and they’ll accomplish them for you. Providing taboo service is one of the details on a London-based escort’s job description.

Prepare for anal play and prostate massage

Just like most London escorts put their bodies in the mode for anal play and sex, the same preparation is expected from men who would like to discover their male G-spot. As you would expect, a list of precautions needs to be observed. It could easily get messy when that region is tingled, but following a proper routine can help you avoid those embarrassing incidents. It is the duty of the client to douche (using an enema) and proceeding to take a shower. The escort is expected to be polite with her penetrator or simulator to ensure that the client gets the best experience. One of the obvious precautions the escort observes is to trim her fingernails – the cleanliness of her hands is important, plus, the skin surrounding the anus is quite sensitive, and the client doesn’t want to be torn back there.

Time for the massage: Think outside the hole

With all precautions in mind and after the escort and the client have had a brief foreplay (you have to figure out what sort of foreplay you want – think outside the box) the escort will gently insert one finger (it can be the middle finger of the index finger) or two fingers, depending on circumstance, in the anus and go for the prostate. It is not written in stone that fingers must be used; the escort can opt for a small toy if both parties reach a consensus on the matter. Of course, it’s the escort who will provide the lube, preferable silicon-based lube, to make the whole experience more comfortable and unforgettable.
Experienced men will have more fun when chilling out with London escorts, for most of the escorts here own a range of strap-ons which they could use on their clients. Those without them won’t hesitate to ask you to provide those essentials when booking. Either way, don’t be embarrassed about anything. Most of London escorts love to help their clients explore their fantasies and discover their inner selves. So relax and enjoy every moment.

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