I thought I had left the very amazing cheap London escorts for a man who truly loved me. But, it did not take me long to figure out that I was just only another trophy wife. Over the years, the same thing has happened to many other girls who have left London escorts to get married and I have started to lose count. To be honest, I was silly enough to believe that it would never happen to me. In many ways, I feel a fool for letting it happen to me.

How do you know that you are just a trophy wife? During the first couple of months, my new husband made me feel that I was really loved. After that, it was a lot like we started to drift apart. He would call me up on the phone and ask me to meet him in a restaurant in London with his business colleagues. In many ways, it was like I was back working for London escorts and he was arranging a date with me. At times, I even wished that I was back at London escorts and working the night shift.

Eventually I started to see less and less of my husband. At weekends, he would go with his friends to play golf and leave me alone at home. I started to regret leaving London escorts. After a little while, I started to hook up with my friends at London escorts when he was at golf. When my husband found out that was what I was doing, he was not happy with me. He told me that he thought I would have been happy at home looking after him. If your husband asks you that, you do have to wonder what is going on in your relationship.

When I told my husband that I felt that I was just a trophy wife and did not feel very different from when I worked at London escorts, his response to me was to buy me an expensive sports car. That was not exactly the sort of response that I had been looking for at the time. Instead I had wanted to spend some time with him. After all, I was very much in love with this man and I did honestly want to spend time with him and enjoy his company. I am sure that many trophy wives feel exactly the same way as I do. They love being spoiled, but at the same time, they want to feel like they are genuine partners in the relationship.

My husband is also much more interested in what I look like and not what I think about things. When I try to express an opinion about things, he tries to talk over me and does not seem to have any interest in my opinions at all. Once again, I feel like I am back at London escorts. When you work for a London escorts agency, you often find yourself agreeing with the men you date. I am exactly in the same situation with my husband. In other words, all I am too my husband is a trophy wife. Just someone to take out to dinner and show off if you know what I mean.

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